Sheer lace lingerie set -Laurine

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Women's Lace Lingerie Set

It is the perfect choice for all women who are looking for a lingerie set that is both elegant and comfortable.

The sexy stretch lace mesh bra set hugs the curves of the body to give you that alluring look.

The soft and silky material allows for comfortable wear day after day.

This bra set is available in black or white and is perfect for all women.

This elegant lingerie is designed to flatter all body types and to provide comfort and support.

Ideal for everyday wear, this set will make her the center of attention.

Before purchasing, refer to the size guide on the product sheet.


Sheer lace lingerie set -Laurine
Black / S - $17.00
  • Black / S - $17.00
  • Black / M - $17.00
  • Black / XL - $17.00
  • Black / L - $17.00
  • White / S - $17.00
  • White / M - $17.00
  • White / XL - $17.00
  • White / L - $17.00

Sheer lace lingerie set -Laurine

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