Pleated crop top with chains - Thaissa

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Introducing the Pleated Crop Top with Chains!

Look stylish and feel comfortable in this high elastic satin crop top that is a staple in your wardrobe.

The one-word collar design is an eye-catching detail, while the loose style and backless design give you a touch of glamour.

So stay comfy and look fabulous with the eprolo Thaisa Plissé Crop Top with Chains!



Pleated crop top with chains - Thaissa
Black / S - $24.00
  • Black / S - $24.00
  • Black / M - $24.00
  • Black / L - $24.00
  • Brown / S - $24.00
  • Brown / M - $24.00
  • Brown / L - $24.00

Pleated crop top with chains - Thaissa

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